Los Angeles native Nychol Lyna is working on several film, novel and community projects and has aspirations to touch at-risk women and children across the globe. Her upcoming children’s book, “Forgotten Baby” (expected release in December 2020) is a story to share because it signifies the struggles that we endure as a people while trying to survive in this world without the support and guidance of others. At the age of 9, Nychol’s stepdaughter, Zemirah, had been exposed to the foster care system on multiple occasions (with her two younger siblings), before finding permanent placement with her biological father and Nychol in 2017. While Nychol Lyna has never been in foster care or without the love of a biological parent, her partner Arthur Romeo (Illustrator) has. This creative work will bring hope to our children and families exposed to the foster care system because it seeks to shed light on these circumstances that are occurring too often with our youth.

Bred in Hollywood CA, Arthur Romeo is a product of the foster care system. At five years old, Arthur’s sister, Twighla, and he were ripped away from their mother. What followed was living in over twenty homes throughout his childhood and being separated from his sister on several occasions. Ironically having contact with that many parental figures, there wasn’t much parenting to be had, and Arthur was left to make of the world what he could through his meager naive adolescent existence. Many kids don’t make it out of situations like his without turning to crime, suicide, or jail, but Arthur Romeo believes that with his mother teaching him to read early, it made all the difference in the world for his own journey. Learning empathy through the written word at a young age, Arthur deeply identified with Oliver Twist and Maniac Magee, with his imagination soaring with Calvin and Hobbes. Arthur will tell you that, “Art saved my life”. Through all the terrible angry thoughts born out of the chaos including altercations with cops, being bullied at school, and the overall absence of consistent parental guidance, the misery and constant frustration ignited Arthur to utilize his sketchbook as a gateway leading to a degree in theater from Prairie View A&M University. For the past 15 years, Arthur Romeo has been an actor, voiceover artist, illustrator, film director, acting coach, art teacher, puppeteer, pumpkin sculptor, caricature artist, and now published author through “Forgotten Baby”. Through his love of family, most specifically his daughter Daphne, Arthur believes that when you believe in yourself, good things can always come from unfortunate experiences. And that is what he strives to share with other foster youth around the world.